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Shenzhen Dazu Robot Co., Ltd.

Big Group's vision:

         The leader of advanced equipment


         Because of need, exist-to be a person needed by others; Be a useful person to society; Help customers create value and strive to exceed expectations.


         A powerful nation, equipped for the world.


         Cultivate China deeply, extend to the left and right, and take the new market to win the world


         Control channel, service-oriented, leading technology, building credibility

Four sentences and ten words


Four sentences: belief supports life

Dedication wins praise.

Access to services market

Stick to achievement

Ten words: loyalty, loyalty, innovation, pragmatism, crisis

Responsibility, passion, destination, frugality, simplicity.

Second, meaning:

Four sentences:

Faith supports life

Advocating to strive and work for the realization of lofty ideals and self-worth, life and work require you to give it goals and meanings. The great people have a mission, an ideal, and a goal; Self-confidence, optimism and self-improvement.

Second, dedication wins praise

Customer and collective interest first, individual second; If you treat others well, they say hello; We value honor and reputation more than profit.

III. Market access to services

The reason we exist is to add value to our customers; Our habits are based on each other; Our understanding is from each other's point of view.

IV. Uphold Achievements

We firmly believe that doing anything is not easy. Others may face more difficulties than we do. We know that monotony and helplessness are an important part of life; We may not succeed, but we have to challenge the limits.

Ten words:

First, loyalty

Trust ability to continue loyalty is the employee's most important professional quality and moral bottom line, is to safeguard the collective interests and maintain the principle of personal dignity. Loyalty is the affirmation and recognition of oneself, is to set an example for oneself.

II. Emotion

Employees who have sacrificed or wronged their personal interests for the benefit of the collective can receive the respect and reward of the collective members. Employees who contribute more to the company are found and rewarded, appreciated, or remembered. 'To be honest, to be virtuous, to be virtuous'; Take care of the 'grateful heart' and stick to the value of 'watching the grace of water, springs and springs.'

III. Innovation

The fact that our high-tech industries offer products that replace traditional craftsmanship is a selling point that will upset the balance of interests in the industry and doomed us to our role as spoilers and revolutionaries. This requires us to build three advantages: 1) surprise marketing innovation; 2) Leading technological innovation in the industry; 3) Innovation of the new economic model of information, management and resource integration.

IV. Pragmatism

The company has always set up an organizational structure, allocate resources and design and implement assessments for major contradictions or bottlenecks; Result orientation is the orientation of the company. The goal of any activity carried out by the company is very clear. The company advocates seeking truth from facts. Sometimes it is also 'fooled', but it must be to achieve a certain purpose or to adapt to a certain environment, but it will not 'forget' or 'believe it.' Companies never do things that are under-resourced, under-able, or ill-timed, although sometimes they can only be counted as personal learning knowledge.


Industry crisis: market space do not know how much? Will the product be replaced? Will the market be saturated? Will the economy enter a recession? Can growth continue in the future? Machines are lowering prices every year, costs have been rising, accounts receivable have been rising, inventory has become more and more stressful, and if growth stops, what will happen? There is no big company in the industry, many of our practices are unprecedented grope, we are a bit lonely and lonely.

Competition crisis: our technology or technology is always inferior to some competitors; Other people's products are often sold more cheaply in the market than we are, or have a new meaning; Some big customers are always preempted by their peers, and our actions are always slow; There are always unscrupulous peers who want to steal our trade secrets, technical secrets or even dig people; Foreign competitors want to come to China, and there are also colleagues in China who constantly jump out and compete in some sub-markets and claim that China is the first; It is always a wave of peace, another wave, really people in the rivers and lakes, never peace.

Our English is poor, we can not speak anything at international meetings, we can not understand what others are saying, our passports and visas are not convenient, and we are like migrant workers wandering outside the mainstream circles and can only imitate them. Relying on low prices as a supporting role; I began to get older, physical strength and memory began to deteriorate, some employees are still a little tired; We can only learn about management while we grope; Our information level is very poor, the ability to obtain information, processing information is not high, some employees do not think that the efficiency is very low; Due to the low level of assessment, individual employees do nothing.


Everyone is responsible for the success of the enterprise, and no one can be held responsible if they are not provided with information, but once they have information, they can not escape responsibility.

The company believes that responsibility should be self-conscious. It is difficult and unnecessary to do all things in a clear way. It is also not in the interests of the company. Companies rarely hold anyone accountable but do not like employees who shirk responsibility, do not take responsibility, are afraid to take responsibility, and claim that they are not responsible. Employees who are afraid of taking responsibility are not suitable for any leadership role and are also considered to have a tendency to disagree with the company's culture.

VII. Enthusiasm

Moved by God, positive enthusiasm is more important than ability.

Enthusiasm for work; Enthusiasm for customers; Enthusiasm for colleagues; Enthusiasm for the family; Enthusiasm for your own affairs; Enthusiastic about other people's affairs; We're the new, passionate humans!

VIII. Fate

Be in your own house, use your own money, do your own thing. The company encourages employees to serve for life, and the company will never dismiss employees who agree with the company's culture. The company guarantees the survival and development of employees, and the employees are honored and humiliated. Build an ideal career platform to realize the value pursuit of 'self, selflessness, and non-self'.


The traditional virtues of the Chinese people have a good expression and inheritance in the great people.

Low-cost operation is one of the competitive advantages of the company, the large group of employees should start from me.

Unnecessary waste and extravagance do not meet the requirements of a circular economy and a resource-friendly society.

X. Simplicity

Companies, business departments, centers, departments, and everyone's goals, needs, and aspirations in the work environment are all simple and the same, and they are all 'self-obsessed, non-self' professionals.

The great family is a pure work platform belonging to all employees, and this atmosphere must not be destroyed; No matter how great, rivers, rivers, or oil sticks you used to be, as long as you enter the work of the big family, you must be naive, pure, and simple; Associated colleagues need to separate departments; The company does not tolerate gangs, parties, and circles; The people who bring some evil spirits and evil spirits into the company must be cleared in time; Companies can not entirely rely on social management responsibilities: employees or supervisors who behave too indiscreetly or who are out of line must be dismissed, no matter how competent the business is, and there is no need for companies to compromise.

We believe that the conclusion is more important than the method and method; Everyone has something to say, not to the right person, not to spit; Employees are like unsophisticated young people; A wily, contending man is useless here.

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